mt. auburn productions: photography crash course


Are you curious about photography? Want to learn how to create stunning, quality photographs? Yes, it's true that anyone can use a phone to take a picture, but in a world that revolves around social media, whether that's Instagram or LinkedIn, the ability to create quality digital content and knowing how to use a camera properly is becoming an increasingly important and desirable skill. Mount Auburn Productions has just the thing for you. 


So... how does this all work? 

  • Three hour hands on crash course over a weekend of your choice with an experienced photography teacher.
  • Undivided attention and guidance in small, personal and flexible classes with a 5:1 student teacher ratio.
  • No camera? No problem! Professional DSLR camera rental is included in the price.
  • Travel to locations outside of the Harvard bubble makes classes interactive and fun, and travel cost is included in the overall package. 


What will I learn? 

  • Basic and advanced DSLR camera functions
  • How to "see" light and use natural light to your advantage
  • Controlling focus and making great compositions
  • How, and when, to control ISO 
  • Aperture techniques to enhance lighting and color quality of a photo
  • Learning the effects of Shutter Speed 
  • All with hands on, supervised practice!


Why Mt. Auburn Productions? 

Good question.

Firstly, Harvard Student Agencies is a company run by Harvard students for Harvard students, and we recognize that photography classes at Harvard are not easily accessible to students of any concentration. VES classes are competitive to get into with caps of ten students per class, and even so, they can be a time drain with 6+ class hours a week. We want to make photography accessible to all students regardless of concentration, and to teach with no time commitments attached. 

Secondly, photography classes off-campus have a high financial barrier to entry. A quick Google search will show many local courses in the Boston area costing upwards of a hundred dollars, not to mention the fact that your own DSLR camera is needed to participate in the first place. At Mt. Auburn Productions, we cut to the chase and give you everything you need to get snapping straight away, without the upfront cost and financial burden. 


Sounds good! Where can I sign up? 

Complete the form below to indicate interest. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Kai Potter at 








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