About Us

Mt. Auburn Productions is a professional video and multimedia production company established and managed by Harvard undergraduates. Based in Cambridge, we provide a range of services—both creative and commercial—to Harvard University and the greater Boston area as well as larger projects nationwide.

More than just a professional video production service, we bring our passion and creativity into every project to adapt your ideas to a visual medium. From early-concept to post-production, we’ll work alongside you to produce content that exceeds your expectations. Whether a concert or play, a conference or wedding, a promotional video or commercial, a music video or otherwise creative project—Mt. Auburn Productions has you covered.

As a company, our goal is to provide the highest standards in quality and professionalism, while maintaining affordable prices.  As a student-run firm, we operate with lean costs and cutting-edge vision to bring your story to life.


Silvano d'agostino '18 | manager

Silvano is a Visual and Environmental Studies (film production) and psychology major with a weak spot for the slightly extravagant. He is interested in all things multimedia and spends his days (and nights) with storytelling of various, but mostly visual sorts. Silvano loves technology and food as well as a good conversation about politics or philosophy—and might be a little obsessed with Twitter for that exact reason. Born and raised in Germany with a half-Italian background, he also loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world. 


kai potter '19 | business development manager

Kai is a sophomore in Leverett House concentrating in History with a potential secondary in East Asian Studies. Kai is originally from London, England and has lived there all her life before moving to America for college. Her passions include film and photography, DJ'ing, eating, traveling, learning languages, and visiting art galleries and museums around the world.